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Restoration Beauty: Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Date of publication: 2017-09-05 07:45

Hey there, K! You can totally leave the caps off..I don t think it would be a problem. They just look nicer with them :)
But if dust is a problem I can see why you d want them off :)
Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Blue wizard

Your shelves look amazing! We just tried our hand at DIY rain gutter bookshelves and were amazed how nicely they turned out. The end caps really polish the whole piece!

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I love the way you use the gutters as shelfs :D You can even go to
water damage companies , plumbers and other constructions to hear if they are going to throw away something. I used to do that and made a lot of different things. Instead of people throwing it as trash. I actually did that for saving the environment.


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What a neat idea to use rain gutters as bookshelves. Seeing how you put them lower on the wall with the children s books in them is really neat. My kids would love that. It would be super easy for them to put their books away on the gutter, rather on a shelf.

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