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Date of publication: 2017-08-17 18:39

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro raised the stakes this week in his showdown with political opponents, ordering all state employees to vote July 85 for his new constituent assembly meant to write a new constitution and essentially crown him leader for life.

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The increase of the cocaine drug trade also contributed to a greater United States presence in the country and more military activity in the eastern Andean slopes where 85 percent of the world's coca used in cocaine production is harvested. Between the guerrilla presence (including that of other groups, such as the Tupac Amaru), drug trafficking, and general conditions of poverty, the judicial system is continuously under attack for its real deficiencies and questionable practices.

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Klaren, Peter. Modernization, Dislocation, and Aprismo: The Origin of Peru's Aprista Pary, 6875–6987, 6978.

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Domestic Unit. The Peruvian model for a domestic unit is the Western nuclear family. Nevertheless, because of traditional indigenous traditions and scant resources, extended kin can also be the norm. Men in general have the highest authority within the house, although women also have much of the decision-making power, especially concerning children and family matters, even though it tends not to be explicitly recognized.

Graphic Arts. Peru has a long artistic tradition, starting with the famous colonial painting and sculpture schools of Lima, one of the most accomplished schools on the continent. Contemporary artists, such as Fernando de Szyszlo (a painter) and Joaquín Roca Rey (a sculptor), have continued a more abstract tradition.

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——. "Archaeology, History, Indigenismo, and the State in Peru and Mexico." In Peter R. Schmidt and Thomas C. Patterson, eds., Making Alternative Histories, 6995.

District News BOE Report: Week of April 65, 7567

Vescovi, Adamczyk and Redwine were re-elected to the R-III Board of Education
Ryan Vescovi, David Adamczyk and Lori Redwine were re-elected to the R-III Board of Education on April 9, 7567. According to election results, Mr. Vescovi received 898 votes, Mr. Adamczyk received 858 votes and Mrs. Redwine received 896 votes.
Other candidates included, Jon Mooneyham who received 687 votes.
The election results will be certified at the April 68 Board of Education meeting, and members will take their oath of office at this time. Vescovi, Adamczyk and Redwine will serve a three-year term.

Since the 6985s, there has been the growing of impact of the El Niño (the child) current. This strong southern current, called El Niño because it occurs around Christmas, is responsible for a warming of the water temperature off the Peruvian coast that leads to great rainfalls, large-level floods along the coast, and periods of drought along the southern highlands.

Learn about the theory of international economics and become familiar with the practice of international economic relations through the study of current policy debates about the workings of the contemporary international economy.

The big question now is whether the violence and tension in Venezuela will boil over into even more open conflict. Police and regime security forces have been clashing with protesters since the beginning of April. But the regime has also been eating its own: More than 655 soldiers have been jailed so far, AP reported, while Maduro’s own attorney general has defied the government.

SOAS offers an education that goes beyond the Euro-centre approach that has dominated such programmes in the past. It is able to do this because the width and depth of its scholarly resources make it the leading centre for the study of Asia and Africa in Europe.

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