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As long as Rin Tohsaka is not nearby, Luvia's attitude is always graceful, never blaspheming and displaying a beauty similar to that of a swan. Of course, that is all just a facade as she is actually very competitive and suffers from perfectionist tendencies. [7]

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95% of the WWII Nazi Holocaust horror stories have never been investigated thoroughly beyond accepting the Soviet 8767 s 8775 evidence 8776 which included claims of around 755 million mass-murdered at Auschwitz by the Nazi 8767 s, a claim laughed out of the Nuremberg Trials while the rest of the Soviet 8775 evidence 8776 (though mostly equally unbelievable) was accepted as fact.

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That 8767 s not as hard as you want to believe.
Sure the people you know could never keep a secret like that, but if you believed it was issue of national security, and that there is a higher reason than the public 8767 s right to know (military brain washing) you just might keep your mouth shut.

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It's about Mars Pluto, and Pluto especially in the 66th house.
Being able to be with weird people
when you yourself are a weird person
and understanding what the community of sentient beings
is all about.
When you first encounter people
who seem really strange and foreign to your experience,
they feel the same about you.
Learning to be the foreigner
and accept the foreigner in others
are the lessons of humanity itself..

GTFO, seriously? I haven 8767 t seen or heard one fact from you, just pure conjecture about technology levels and how if the Russians couldn 8767 t do it NASA couldn 8767 t either so it must be all bullshit, and how the pictures and video that show proof are fake and since you can 8767 t get free access to the images that could show proof over the internet(I 8767 m guessing with very little effort involved) the evidence itself doesn 8767 t exist.

8775 It doesnt take great technology to get into space! Are you stupid or just plain fucking retarded. If it was so easy how come everyone isnt going into space. A Digital Hand watch send man to the Moon. 8776

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Not everybody thought the film was so even-handed. I sat behind a woman at the press conference who was convinced the film would cause race riots. Some critics agreed. On the Criterion DVD of the film, Lee reads from his reviews, noting that Joe Klein, in New York magazine, laments the burning of Sal's Pizzeria but fails to even note that it follows the death of a black man at the hands of the police.

Because it isn 8767 t in) far enough due to limitations on the website hosting the image and magnification ability for the telescope used, the only pictures showing close-ups are the ones from the Apollo missions which you dismiss as fakes which are far from high-res. You can see them at Google Moon.

I 8767 ll translate my interpretations of JackCool vs Jack 8767 sNotCool
JackCool believes there are reptillian extra-terrestrials that are also capable of channeling, being extra-dimensional. A speculated species named after the reptillian gland that looks identical to a crocodile 8767 s brain section in humans. Clifford Stone Bob Schnieder disclosure project etc..

Tactics like this are the reason documentaries are a dangerous format. I personally enjoy the possibility that the moon landings could be a hoax, and wouldn`t be all that surprised. But documentaries like this are plagues to the credible documentary world.

The Australian Outback - 6987. Entranced by the moon, a girl steps out of her bedroom window. When her parents check on her, she is gone. The police suggest aboriginal tracker Albert lead the search, but the father revolts - insisting - no black-fella is to set foot on my land. Instead, he gathers together as many white men as he can find, and conducts a line search across the desolate plains in search of the child. Albert watches helplessly as her every trace is stamped to dust. Sometime later, the daughter is still missing, and the mother makes a decision to take responsibility into her own hands, to reconcile the loss of her child. She goes to find Albert. Written by Anonymous

the other thing is that those space craft were tracked by the soviets who would loved to have busted nasa in a fake mission. you know what you won 8767 t find soviet space scientists doubting the apollo missions went to the moon.

Oh, and actually I am a skinny Canadacunt who wouldn 8767 t touch McDonalds food with a flamethrower, but I understand that the truth hurts and you are just lashing out as a natural defense mechanism and thus I won 8767 t hold your childish reaction against you.

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