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The Unconscious in Clinical Psychology

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If grouping is flexible and content-area specific, and if parents/students can decide on placement in addition to teachers, then why the heck not?! We're holding far too many students back, particularly in the elementary years.

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tracking increase educational inequality rather than improve them, it actually does improve the gifted students who are fast and sharp learners, these categories are most likely to come from a more financially standerd families. on the other hand it segregate and demote both exposure and equal right to equal education of children who are the normal and naturally low speed of catching up with the teacher's lectures. this category is mostly consisting of students of low backgrounds

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I thought ability grouping may be a good idea, but today on the first day of school I had a student look around and say "Hey wear are all the bad and dumb kids". Some laughed, but some also looked like the kids who were left standing after everyone picked teams to play a basketball game. My saddest day as an educator in 65 years. They felt like no one wanted them.

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Several people commenting obviously don't fully understand the nature and purpose of educational research. Your own personal experience does not generalize to the rest of the world. Solid research, if vast enough, can help us identify best practices and in this case, identify the horrible practice of ability tracking. In this case the meta-analysis on ability grouping research over the last 85 years is consistent. It's a bad practice in general. Can it work sometimes,sure. Should we move forward with educations reform based on an antiquated practice that shows little evidence of working for struggling learners? NO!

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While these terms involve the words positive and negative, it is important to note that Skinner did not utilize these to mean 89 good 89 or 89 bad. 89 Instead, thinking of what these terms would mean when used mathematically. Positive is the equivalent of a plus sign, meaning something is added to  or applied to the situation. Negative is the equivalent of a minus sign, meaning something is removed or subtracted from the situation.

creating and elitist sector within the school system. just like one room school houses functioned, various levels, one classroom, and were able to "differentiate" for all groups. similarly expected in other classrooms. instead, all the low performing, untested sped, ADD, ADHD, and likewise, are place together..teacher simply doing crowd control instead of teaching, plus additional learning and conduct referral burden (unfairly) for teacher.

Tracking--- Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 65 Grade 66 Grade 67 Don't move forward from your age appropriate grade level. Don't move backwards from your age appropriate level.

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