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People who have any sort of 'altered' diet seem to always get a ton of crap for it. I follow a diet that is based on my beliefs and cannot seem to even eat my own food that I make myself without it causing someone an inconvenience. "What do you even eat? You must be so hard to cook for. blah blah blah." It gets very irritating, as I never asked that anyone else cook for me, nor did I invite an opinion regarding my sandwich. People constantly try to diminish the importance of others' sovereignty over what enters their body by making them feel like a burden. Like I said, it's irritating.

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Oh my gosh. Are you serious. This right here shows your ignorance on evolution and lack of research. The populations in which Celiac Disease is common are often ones in which wheat was introduced later in their development to their diet. For instance, it is most common in Ireland.

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Why on earth would I need tests and a clinical diagnosis for the presence or lack of presence of a “disease” when the change I have made has solved health issues that I have been dealing with for 85 years? Is it so wrong for a person to try a dietary change for a couple weeks to see if it makes a difference? Noooo we need to be running to the doctors and get their approval first, because their opinions have served us well so far? I think not. I do NOT care whether I have a label of “celiac” or “gluten intolerant” or “grain-free crazy lady.” It makes no difference and I claim no label and no disease, only that the way I am eating now (no grains no sugar) has dramatically increased my health. That is bad because?.

So as a blogger, I commend Hank for getting this blog post so viral in the Gluten-free community. But as a Celiac and a California resident, if we ever cross paths, I will shoot you with my laser.

Wow. I have Celiac Disease. Living with undiagnosed Celiac Disease for four decades ruined my life and I am not alone. I was diagnosed at the age of 98 with many symptoms of Celiac Disease that got progressively worse until I had maybe one or two functional hours per day. I have been strictly gluten free for over three years and we are not certain my digestive system will ever repair itself.

Actually, I love to eat fried gluten balls. They are a delicious Asian food (and thank you for allowing them to take the best part out of the bread so that I can eat it). We're talking pure gluten, and a LOT of it and it does absolutely nothing to me other than make me smile. Same with my wife. I've taken family and friends to Dim Sum restaurants and they've eaten fried gluten balls as well, and no one got sick. My mom even claims that gluten makes her hot flashes worse (I haven't the heart to destroy her placebo effect) and she didn't notice any ill effects from eating pure gluten either.

Could someone, anyone maybe help me out a bit? I 8767 m kind of a beginner at php/css and this wordpress website is my first big website project I 8767 ll do on my own.

It has happened again, this time with Swabian. According to the defintion, Swabian is "[o]ne of the Alemannic dialects of High German". However, we treat it as a language and it even has its own language code. So, what is it going to be? -- Robbie SWE ( talk ) 68:67, 9 September 7567 (UTC)

Yes, I did read it and you can't just dismiss my actual experience. My point is that this is a damaging piece in which your inability to stick to a topic will provide those who already have a bias against allergies and Celiac disease with fodder for their hate. You are obviously one of them. I mean what do you want from people, a certificate from their doctor?

I have now definitely become more aware that people with Celiac Disease whine a lot more than most people with other serious diseases. I'll bet if Hank posted a mirror article about people who fake that they are in pain to feed their narcotic addictions ruining it for people who really are in pain, that the pain community won't invade his article with this much whining. Or if he posted a mirror article about people with Munchausen Syndrome who pretend to have cancer, that real people with cancer won't attack him for it. But let's be stupid for a second. People with Muchausen RAISE AWARENESS for hundreds of diseases! How DARE you say anything bad about THEM!!!!! You JERK!!!!

In light of actual scientific evidence in support of gluten sensitivity, your post is already antiquated. I am also against people going gluten-free as a fad or on the recommendation of some quacl "holistic chiropractor" as I know someone who did. If you have real gluten issues this trivializes it, and does indicate that many people (especially people who go to such quacks) want some sort of diagnosis to feel better about themselves. That said, gluten sensitivity is real, and prevalent, therefore whether or not a gluten free diet is a trend does not in itself make it a cause for ridicule. Ridicule these non-doctor quacks, not people who "think" they are gluten sensitive (and actually are!)

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