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This section gives conceptual definitions for all 688 built-in 688 688 ordinary 688 datatypes defined by this specification. The XML representation used to define 688 ordinary 688 datatypes (whether 688 built-in 688 or 688 user-defined 688 ) is given in XML Representation of Simple Type Definition Schema Components ( 667 ) and the complete definitions of the 688 built-in 688 688 ordinary 688 datatypes are provided in the appendix Schema for Schema Documents (Datatypes) (normative) ( 667 A).

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When a union type is defined by 688 restricting 688 another 688 union 688 , its 688 value space 688 , 688 lexical space 688 , and 688 lexical mapping 688 are subsets of the 688 value spaces 688 , 688 lexical spaces 688 , and 688 lexical mappings 688 of its 688 base type 688 .

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The use of 688 length 688 on QName , NOTATION , and datatypes 688 derived 688 from them is deprecated. Future versions of this specification may remove this facet for these datatypes.

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The treatment of datatypes has been made more precise and explicit most of these changes affect the section on Datatype System ( 667 7). Definitions have been revised thoroughly and technical terms are used more consistently.

Simic, Charles. "The Image Hunter." Rev. of Joseph Cornell: Master of Dreams , by
Diane Waldman. New York Review 79 Oct. 7557: 69+.

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Conceptually there is no difference between the 688 ordinary 688 688 built-in 688 datatypes included in this specification and the 688 user-defined 688 datatypes which will be created by individual schema designers. The 688 built-in 688 688 constructed 688 datatypes are those which are believed to be so common that if they were not defined in this specification many schema designers would end up reinventing them. Furthermore, including these 688 constructed 688 datatypes in this specification serves to demonstrate the mechanics and utility of the datatype generation facilities of this specification.

In all other cases ( {variety} is atomic and {primitive type definition} is not absent ), then the applicable facets are shown in the table below.

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The unsignedShort datatype and all datatypes derived from it by restriction have the following 688 constraining facets 688 with fixed values these facets must not be changed from the values shown:

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