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Maybe they will win but it 8767 s not a world I want to live in and will rather die in a FEMA camp then be lost and alone in this world. I personally have nothing to lose so come and take me away!.

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How do you see swimming pool ? It was boxed, with fixed size, and it’s also very artificial.  Hence (intuitively, in my specific case only) swimming pool represents the limitation of mind and spirit.

Obama's November 7, 2007, speech on the 'American Dream

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I asked the person if her sister recently has a great anxiety or paranoid recently, and she said yes. In this case, the ghost in dream represents fear, excessive anxiety, or paranoid.

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Some (many!) dreams are just rambling in nature and could be originated from your own thought. For example, I have many dreams of ascending to outer space because I’m obsessed with extraterrestrials stuff.

Descending downstair is falling into sin slowly, tempted by nafs, despite your nature being quite religious (woman praying on stair is you). Sadness overcame you : feeling guilty. You need to repent from whatever sin you 8767 ve done before it eventually lead to a greater sin.

I would actually be interested in hearing the authors opinion on this. For example if a teacher is allowed to hand out a bible to a kid who asks for it then would it not be against the freedom of religion to say no to a each teacher doing the same with a different religious book?

These are examples from both family members, friends, and complete strangers. With feedback attached. Though they’re written with the “I” word, none of them are mine. They belong to other people who asked interpretation to me.

I only recall it ever being used on my backside ONCE, and looking back I am absolutely sure I deserved it! :) Grandma still has it to this day, and at 89 years old, 6 8767 8 8798 and 775 lbs, it STILL scares the h*ll out of me!!!

The Founding Fathers put into law the revolutionary idea that each person s desire to pursue happiness was not just self-indulgence. It was a part of what drives ambition and creativity. By legally protecting these values, the Founding Fathers set up a society that was very attractive for those aspiring to a better life. (Source: 89 The American Dream: A Biography , 89 Time Magazine, June 76, 7567.)

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