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In her preface to the anthology in which "Raymond's Run" first appeared, Tales and Stories for Black Folks , Bambara notes that her stories are intended to present black people with an opportunity "to learn how to listen, to be proud of our oral tradition, our elders who tell tales in the kitchen." Bambara suggests that both the form and the content of the stories, their language and their potential lessons, have something to reveal about the strengths of the African-American community. "Raymond's Run," and other stories published in Bambara's first collection Gorilla, My Love , have been admired for the construction of vibrant African-American voices and communities. Hazel.

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Basketball provides Rabbit with some of his fondest memories, and yet we only see him play the game once, at the novel s beginning. Consider the implications of the absence of the activity that was once so important to Rabbit. Is the game sublimated in any way in Rabbit s daily existence?

Run Baby Run, by Nicky Cruz - Essay

The next year, Nicky left for California and enrolled in a Bible school. While there, he met a lovely woman named Gloria whom he later married. After finishing his Bible schooling, he started Teen Challenge back where he grew up in Brooklyn. He brought many gang members, drug-dealers and homosexuals off the streets and to Christ. He turned his life around and lived strongly for the Lord.

Why Rabbit ? Time and again, Updike uses imagery relating to animals in what ways does Harry Angstrom s nickname accentuate his presentation as a character?

There were also a handful of entrants that touched on the idea of running simply because they are instinctively and inherently runners. I particularly liked these thoughts as well. “I run because I am a runner.” It sounds so simple, and almost too cliché, but perhaps most of us are fueled by something this simple and inherent. For me, personally, I know that there is some larger, inexplicable ‘thing’ that goes into my process of stepping out the door for a run. Perhaps it’s simply that I am a runner, and I have no choice but to run. I will always be a runner, even if I go years without running.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate how thankful I am for everyone taking the time to submit such thought provoking and personal essays. I feel honored to have had this glimpse into all of your lives.

There are things I can t control. Some may be good (work) and some may be overwhelming (too much work) but I have to learn to take them in as they pop up in my life. Now, this is easier said than done. I keep repeating myself deal with it, deal with it 5665 and at the same time my back is so tense that one of my shoulders is kind of stuck. I think I could use a massage.

What seems like minutes is really only seconds. He stands up and finds his rhythm. He doesn't even notice that he is bleeding. The blood runs down his arm and off the end of his finger. With every step, the rain cleans the pain that he is sweating out.
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In his attention to the minutiae of daily life, Updike channels Woolf, Joyce, and other literary precedents. Consider the implications of this attention for both narrative and theme.

First of all I had to deal with the fact that I want to do everything at once. I understand that this is aggravated by the fact that I leave in a week and I won t be able to do any work for a month.

With every step, the rain cleans the pain that he is sweating out. Alone and there is only the road and himself. The morning sunrise beams him in the face and he realizes where he is. Left, right, or straight ahead. Before the morning rain dies he must decide.
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