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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 12:06

Wa 8767 alaikum Assalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
You can use fine semolina, but you won 8767 t have the same result. You can try ethnic stores or online.

The Low-Tech Whistle: How to Make a PVC Whistle

Wa 8767 alaikum Assalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Thank you very much for your comment. You could use cream of wheat or you can grind the coarse semlina. You can use a spice mill to grind the coarse one. We do consider requests and we add all of them to our to-do list. Can you explain what you mean by tamiir cake do you mean a date cake?

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Je vous retransmets la question d'une de mes collé gues RQ dans une entreprise de Bretagne :

Elle voudrait savoir quels produits (nom et concentration) l'on peut utiliser pour laver des lé gumes type IV é me gamme en industrie.

Je vous remercie par avance pour vos ré ponses.

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Au niveau, est ce qu'il est primordial de dé sinfecter les fruits pour lesquelles les peaux sont consommables de la mê me maniè re que que les fruits dont les peaux ne sont pas consommables comme la papaye, banane ?

- un produit de dé sinfection qui est de l'ion hypochloreux pur (sans sodium donc nous produisons pas de l'Eau de Javel dite hypochlorite de sodium)

WOW!!, I´m impressed. I´ve just came from Istanbul (city I already love) and I´m treating my friends tomorrow with a Turkish dinner I´m going to make this dessert for sure. Loved it and loved the video too.
Thanks for sharing and explaining it so well
Love from the north of Spain

You and your team members can also work through our Team Effectiveness Assessment as a group exercise. It will help you to identify how well you all work together, and to find out what areas need improving.

Your basboosa looks delicious! We often make basbousa but without the eggs.
I would like to make it now, but have no yogurt, can I use milk instead? if so how much also can I forgo the coconut?

CTA has invested over €655,555 to investigate the technical and business feasibility of satellite data-enabled irrigation advisory services in Ghana, as it takes the lead in formulating a 'big proposal' to develop a project along similar lines to its Market-led User-owned ICT9AG-enabled Information Service (MUIIS) project in Uganda.

Wacalaykum Assalaam Waraxmatullaahi Wabarakaatuh.
Aamiin walaal. Aad iyo aad ayaa ugu mahadsan tahay ducada iyo faallada wacan. Waa koobka oo saddex loo qaybiyey oo laba qaybood la isticmaalay. Haddaad wax kale u baahan tahay nala socodsii.

At TFS, an integral part of our curriculum is that of the Ministry of Education of France. Our school has been officially accredited by the French Ministry of Education since 6985.

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