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»Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable Clay Shirky

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The reverse is not true. Cis people are famously ignorant of trans lives. This is perhaps not a law of nature. Presumably a sufficiently empathetic cis person could come to understand trans lives at least some of them, in some context but in practice this seems really hard to do. It requires a lot of reading, thinking, and listening. Plus humility.

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You 8767 ve also got a problem where people are fighting for signalling and counter signalling and counter counter signalling status point, which has always irritated me. From early on in my internet days I always branded myself as a bad person (and somewhat in real life as well)-I extol the virtues of some great sin (generally greed, conquest, and lust) and let that drive away the people it will drive away. I don 8767 t do this in my professional life, of course. When people think you 8767 re a bad person they stop trying to judge you.

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Yes, that is more accurate terminology, thanks. It 8767 s the difference between 8775 X is a terrible and wrong belief and I 8767 ll fight against it 8776 and 8775 You 8767 re a bad person for believing X, and I 8767 m going to punish you for it 8776 .

Russell Brand on revolution: “We no longer have the luxury

( 8766 We’re number one? Sure – number one in levels of sexual degeneracy! Well, I guess probably number two, after the Netherlands, but they’re really small and shouldn’t count. 8767 ) 8776

The technology to deal with a greater world population will not come from the areas with increasing population. In the past it has mostly come from the slowly dwindling West. Even the rich countries of Asia produce little in the way of frontier science. So it is unreasonable to expect Africa to contribute to the technology necessary for its own survival.

You shouldn 8767 t be worried more people of the Red Tribe will start voting for Republicans, Republicans are your best friends, they pacify the Red Tribe. You should be worried when they stop voting Republican and your civil society fractures.

I 8767 m nerdy, over-educated, good with words, good with money, weird sense of humor, don 8767 t get outside much, I like deli sandwiches. And I 8767 m a psychiatrist, which is about the most stereotypically Jewish profession short of maybe stand-up comedian or rabbi.

The idea that the reds are net consumers is yet another of those deceptive statistics that the blues like to quote. Counting tax money that goes to a state counts transfers made to anything the government runs within a state. For obvious reasons, there are more of those in red states. It 8767 s not really fair to claim that your region is a net consumer of taxes just because you have an army base there the government is basically paying the tax money to itself. (Of course, they do hire people as well, but the amount of money that is spent on salaries is a small portion of all the money spent on the base.)

This was absurdly divorced from reality when he claimed it, and it 8767 s still absurdly divorced from reality when you claim it. In the rare instances where this isn 8767 t simply caricature, the offending blues get excoriated by other blues.

I literally worked for the blue team (the DNC), and I felt good about that death (though I feel guilty about that feeling). Also felt slightly sad about Thatcher.

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