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Shenpen 8767 s post says, 8775 Yes, agitprop was a more important aspect of Communism than tanks and MiG’s. It was a core concept of Communism that agitprop is an offensive, and not just a defensive weapon. 8776 Did it stick? How much of the left believes these ideas? I don 8767 t think his (?) post says anything about that.

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Since Donald Trump entered the White House, Slate has stepped up our politics coverage—bringing you news and opinion from writers like Jamelle Bouie and Dahlia Lithwick. We’re covering the administration’s immigration crackdown, the rollback of environmental protections, the efforts of the resistance, and more.

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Without actually having been elected to speak for these people, I suspect most liberals, slack and effete and GUILTY though they must surely be, would be more impressed by memetic influence than by a few random base pairs. Of course, Wicca might for all I know have absorbed a dose of Native American shamanism, in which case they would be forced to concede respect despite themselves.

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I first read that quotation when I was still playing the French horn. It inspired me, but it also sank in like a knife to the heart. I wanted to be able to sanctify my secular work as the church instructs to be able to confidently say that my work glorified God and served my fellow men and women. In the orchestra, frankly, I was feeling that way less and less often. A lot of nights I was refreshing no one, and I began to crave a new profession that would offer a more direct path toward serving others.

By contrast, at Trinity Church in Chicago, Jeremiah Wright stressed pride in African identity and espoused a brand of black liberation theology. Trinity is "unapologetically Christian, unashamedly black." His message of affirmation and identity remains far more complex than a few sound bites can possibly express. Now under the guidance of a new pastor, Trinity continues to offer a wide range of social services, including meals for the homeless, housing for the elderly, child care programs and ministries for people with AIDS and HIV infection and prison inmates.

In just the last few hundred years, that all changed for a few billion people. So the right question today is: “Why did whole parts of the world cease to be poor for the first time in history?” And further: “What can we do to share this ahistorical prosperity with more people?” Economics taught me that two billion of my brothers and sisters had escaped poverty in my own lifetime. This was a modern-day miracle. I had to find its source.

Fascism: Totalitarianism with nationalistic chauvinism.
Nazism: Totalitarianism with racial chauvinism.
Communism: Totalitarianism with class-based chauvinism.

I charged at him with the intent to kill, but my towel fell down. Afraid of him seeing me, I ran to my room hysterically crying, locked the door and called a friend to come get me. When my mother returned from work and asked me what happened, my friend said, &ldquo He tried it again and she&rsquo s leaving with me.&rdquo I left home for three months, only returning for clothes every couple of weeks.

Luscinia seems a pretty sorry specimen to me, too. But in this establishment we attack the ideas, not the person. Please try to refrain from uttering irrelevant personal insults.

I think the Communists were correct to equate Naziism with Fascism. What they didn 8767 t want anyone to notice is that (a) Stalinism demands a state every bit as absolute as the Fascist one, and (b) Stalinism is where you have to end up if you take Communist redistributionism seriously. No less absolute a system of coercion can accomplish the stated goals of Communist ideology.

Maybe it didn&rsquo t matter to her. Maybe she knew that we were sleeping in our basements because of the bombs at night and that in America, we might sleep in peace. Maybe when she looked at us, she simply saw children whose lives didn&rsquo t matter any less because our mom wore hijab. I was that little Muslim kid from a terrorist country &ldquo yearning to breathe free,&rdquo and you took me in.

That said it 8767 s probably better to start assembling the bottom-up social structures necessary to survive what 8767 s to come, right now, than sit on our butts and cheerleading G-Dub to finish his War on the Islamic Red Herring. Eric 8767 s mesh networking is one way of doing so. And Cuba 8767 s agricultural revolution, in which the Western-supported, resource-hungry Green Revolution practices were supplanted by smaller, communitarian, ecologically aware farming practices, is an example of how the dirty commies have triumphed over the cowboy capitalists in this most important of political issues: how best to make use of our dwindling resources.

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