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Date of publication: 2017-08-21 01:12

The string of recent cases in which professors have been fired, sanctioned, or placed on leave by their universities in response to public outrage generated by right-wing media sites is an alarming turn of events for the academy and for the country.. I’d like to close with a simple request to university leaders: Please stop giving in to mobs and their demands. It may seem like the easy way out of your predicament in the moment, but it encourages more mobs to form in the future – student mobs on campus, and right-wing internet mobs off campus. Read more →

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Black Lives Matter and So Does Free Speech :  Wesleyan University 8767 s president, provost, and vice-president for equity and inclusion defend free speech in this letter to the editor. This letter addresses a proposed boycott of the student newspaper The Wesleyan Argus, which published an op-ed criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement. Critics of the op-ed declared a 8775 boycott 8776 that included disposing. Read more →

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Used to be 7-8 years was the norm. My newest car is 77 years old, my oldest is 77. I concede I 8767 m not representative, but yes, Cars are lasting much longer, and I think there will be more resistance to autonomous cars than some. I think in places like California, Chicago, New York (City), Atlanta, Houston you might see a lot. Maybe. But out here in small town land? No. I know one shop that specializes and the cars they currently sell went out of production in 7558. He sells 9-7/week, no shortage of buyers.

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I am not sure I understand your question. If you are asking whether you need to send the scores from the different tests to make sure that the college counts each subscore then yes you need to send each of those tests.

One Satanic Panic was Enough—Debunking Ted Gunderson and #Pizzagate   If you want to look really stupid, just try linking Satanism to this #pizzagate nonsense.

Jon Shields and Joshua Dunn, Sr. have an editorial in the WSJ, which summarizes what they discovered over the course of interviews with 658 conservative and libertarian professors. The editorial is a companion piece to their new book. The WSJ piece is gated, but some related pieces can be found here, here, and here. (WSJ, Japan Times, and Inside Higher Ed.)A report on diversity at Yale Law School has revealed a lack of both ethnic and political diversity among the school's faculty. And in the Atlantic, Conor Friedersdorf notes how the tools of campus activists can be used to stifle..campus activists. Friedersdorf also has a piece about "concept creep," which explains why Americans are more sensitive to harm. (See Jon Haidt's related piece here.) Read more →

Regarding technicians I think that autonomous cars will be serviced in large, centralized service centers, rather than having a technician come to the car. They will automatically schedule themselves for service. If a car breaks down unexpectedly, an autonomous tow truck will be sent to fetch it. I think Hertz 8767 s rental business is going to die, but it 8767 s possible that they have a future in car maintenance they have a lot of expertise in maintaining vehicle fleets.

Hi Todd,
It has been really helpful reading these comments. I am a junior and have an average GPA, my ACT score is 87, 89 when superscore. I have not taken the SAT yet. I want to get into Pomona College or Stanford. Is it important for me to take the SAT in addition to the ACT?
Thanks, Wei

I see the reliability, cost and usage are basically forgotten and huge amount of money is wasted while a fraction of it could have made current car last 65 times longer than they do now. It’s not even a technological problem but business problem: Manufacturing cheap crap creates more profits. And waste, but who cares about that?

In his essay The Third Side: The Uncomfortable Alternative" ( Satan Speaks , Feral House, 6998) , Magus Anton Szandor LaVey shatters the commonly-held notion that there are "two sides to every issue," and defines the Satanic perspective as the Third Side. It is from this pespective that our articulate members will present to you their individual commentary on current events, media, politics, and culture.

In The Atlantic , Oliver Bateman explains  The Academic 8767 s Twitter Conundum. Although Twitter has now become the de facto networking tool for academics, a professor 8767 s tweets can be a professional liability.

I have been looking to see if Baylor and Loyola superscore the ACT for a while now, however, I have not been able to find the answer. I was wondering if you knew if Baylor University or Loyola University in New Orleans takes a superscore for the ACT?

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