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I have a papaya tree growing in a pot. It is about 8 8797 tall now and am thinking of transplanting. Will it die if I do? Should I just leave in the pot? Please advise. Thank you.

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Yes, Purple Wreath is a vine, also called sandpaper vine. You can see some good pictures at http:///catalog/slides/Purple%

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Hi Patsy,
It is real iffy. The fruit usually takes 6 months to a year for fruit depending on the variety. They do need pollination from a night time moth. There are female and male flowers-some have both of them on one tree, and some have it on separate trees. Female flowers are close to the trunk and male flowers hang low and droop.
I would suggest starting the seeds indoors sooner next year. There are many varieties hopefully you got one that grows fast! Get it in full sun. Good Luck-December is coming.

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          The Papaya tree ( Carica papaya ) is a tropical fruit that originated in Mexico and South America. It is now grown throughout the North American tropics and other tropical regions around the world.

Just wondering how to take care of a papaya tree when just the leaves are on.
Do I put Epson salt around the trunk or any kind of potting soil. How much do I water.
I live on the West Coast in Fl.
Thanky much.

Tree work can be dangerous. The International Society of Arboriculture reminds consumers to choose professional arborists who are well-trained in safety and industry best practices.

liz k. If I guess correctly, the sticky slimy snowy stuff you are talking about is the sap from the papaya tree. It is normal, so it is okay to wash and eat the papaya. I live in Tampa also and would love to have one or two trees if you still have any left to share. Thank you.

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The next posting said: 8775 Has to be in the same family. There are several members that have similar flowers. They grow in Hawaii and I remember seeing them when I lived there. 8776

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