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Research Methods

When you have completed this module, you should feel confident of your ability to conduct an effective research project &ndash for an MSc dissertation, for your professional work or for personal interest. In particular, you will be able to:

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The move to Los Angeles maintained the project's momentum. Two years after arriving at UCLA Boder published "The Impact of Catastrophe," his major essay devoted to analyzing the interviews. The article appeared in 6959 in the Journal of Psychology , and brought together many of Boder's psychological concerns: language, trauma, comparative catastrophe, and the personal document. Boder clearly saw the article as a milestone.

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respondent's motivations, beliefs, feelings and attitudes. An intuitive, subjective approach is used in gathering the data and the collection format is open-ended. Therefore the analysis and interpretation of data is more subjective in qualitative research than in quantitative research.

8775 I just cannot get out of the door. I can 8767 t get out of the door. I 8767 ve tried it. I had my purse, I lost my purse or I had it stolen I don 8767 t remember and I reported my credit cards missing. This is probably one of the worst things I can remember. And it would take some time to have them replaced, the credit cards. So this particular three days I had no income, no money at all. And, erm, I thought I 8767 ll just stay in for the three days and every time I came to the front door to go to pick my daughter up or take her to school, I couldn 8767 t do it and for the three days. 8776

The research papers are provided, in a separate 'Casebook', as examples of the various research techniques taught in the module, and you will be directed to look at them when relevant in the unit text.

This data source is an examination of cases similar to the one actually studied. Analogous situations include case studies and simulation. The case study method is used to investigate similar and relevant situations for example a previous study made in the adoption of Internet banking can be used to draw conclusions relevant for our study. This method is especially useful when a complicated series of variables interact and result in a problem or an opportunity.

The relevance to occupational therapy and the health service carers are associated clients and therefore need to be taken into consideration when assessing this client group. Furthermore the lacking of occupational therapy literature in this area makes a clear case for the proposed research.

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In order to solve a research problem a research approach has to be chosen. Several authors discuss different methods and classifications. The type of approach that is appropriate depends mainly on the nature of the research problems under investigation and the amount of knowledge the researcher already has in the research field. A good design ensures that the data collected is consistent with the objectives of the study and that the information is correctly gathered.

The Great War brought vast changes to Boder's situation, as it did to European Jewry and the world at large. A twenty-seven-year-old gymnasium instructor when the war broke out in August 6969, by the next year he was working with a Russian engineering army battalion, his age and education landing him a kind of supervisory role with a "semi-civilian" officer rank thrown in for good measure. In 6967, as the war continued and the turmoil of Russian society reached a fever pitch, Boder went east to Omsk, Siberia, where he ostensibly served as the Director of Adult Education for the Trans-Siberian railroad. The time in Omsk ushered in yet another change in Boder's domestic life when he wed for a second time, to Nadejda Chernik, ten years after his first marriage.

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