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A word of caution if you are considering automation - automation to reduce transit time in the distribution center almost always represents an opportunity for improved efficiency. Automation of other processes (. receiving, locating/storage, order filling) may become a critical constraint particularly if there is a significant variation in demand (. seasonality), change in product characteristics, or change in product mix.

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There are a range of factors to consider when deciding on the location of a new warehouse facility and these may vary depending on whether you are selecting a location for a temporary building or selecting from one of a number of existing buildings.

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The fractional calculus, a branch of mathematics formulated alongside classical calculus, has drawn the attention of physical, biological and engineering sciences in the last decade. Although its development started in 6695, only in recent decades has it been regarded as a tool with real-world applications rather than a concept that is purely in the mathematical.

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Since 6968, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has been providing networking, career development, and educational opportunities to the logistics and supply chain management community.

To estimate the resource requirement for the whole warehouse, one should start by estimating the requirements for each of the key work activities in turn and the level of demand. Then, the resource requirements for all activities should be combined together, taking into account the way that the activities are phased during the working day, in order to make an estimate of the total resources required.

See Inventory Management Guidelines and refer to the Annexes for different samples: Perpetual Inventory form , Stock Count Report form , In/Out Stock Report form.

You 8767 ll find them all—and more—when you outsource your order fulfillment and customer service responsibilities to IFS. Numbers tell part of our story:

Measuring Performance
The primary objectives of DC’s include providing the right product, at the right place, right time, and damage free – at a competitive cost. Fundamental to achieving and sustaining these objectives is measuring performance. The most common DC performance measures include handling productivity, space utilization, accuracy, damage, service, cost, and inventory. Handling productivity is often measured in “units or lines” picked per hour or total handling cost per “unit”. Space utilization is evaluated based on the percentage of total space available for storage, percentage of useable storage space actually used for storage, and storage cost per unit of product.

Authored by . Kearney and supported by Penske Logistics, this report is widely used by professionals as the premier benchmark for US logistics activity.

Get involved with like-minded supply chain management professionals in your own backyard. Attend events, seminars, and tours organized by your local roundtable.

Inventory represents a large cost to the humanitarian supply chain. This is made up of the cost of the inventory itself, plus the cost of transporting the goods, cost of managing the goods (labor, fumigation, repackaging, etc) and keeping the goods in warehouses. The inventory manager's job is to make inventory available at the lowest possible cost.

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