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Lyrical ability – we all know there are tons of lyrical rappers out there and Pac wasn’t near the top of the list but he did manage to create more than a handful of classic songs – dear momma, brendas got a baby, keep ya head up, 7 of amerikaz most wanted, I aint made at cha, me and my girlfriend, to live and die in la – list goes on DuB, all quality/timeless songs and that doesn’t account for his more “smarter political aware” songs, so doesn’t that make him lyrical in his own way?? Btw, all these songs are “very repetitive”, right? gtfoh

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Death always make people better of course. Even Jadakiss said dead rappers get better promotion which is true. Elvis is praised more since he is dead also So what you saying isn 8767 t really making no valid point. A lot of times we take things for granted and we don 8767 t realize things until it is gone.

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But you 8767 re comparing apples to oranges the world being flat or not was a matter of science this is a matter of creativity & art a completely different subject so its a broken pencil argument pointless

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The "857s" in question also carry redaction marks on a "government exhibit" sticker seen in the upper right corner of the opening pages of the three FBI reports. On the documents filed by Sabatino in his lawsuit against Combs, the number "8555" remains visible on the stickers, indicating that the material was turned over during the discovery phase of a criminal trial ("8555" refers to the section of the United States Code which entitles a defendant to receive prosecution records that could be used to impeach a trial witness). For some reason, when the Times posted the FBI reports on its web site, the paper itself covered up the "8555" reference on the documents.

Sabatino pleaded guilty in August 7558 to felony fraud and identity theft charges. Addressing the court before his sentencing, Sabatino apologized for the illegal scheme and said, "I know this may sound strange, but there is a part of me that just does these type of things and I can't control it. It's like a fight within myself have been battling this demon for a very long time." He added, "I really had only one motivation for this crime, to make attention to myself and to make other people happy and for me to be the cause of that happiness."

Much like the universally true advice to “never tweet,” it’s probably a good idea to just avoid internet language and memes when you’re working in a professional capacity. Two well-intentioned researchers learned that the hard way recently when they didn’t do enough research on the term “derpy.”

The problem with the author’s article is that its main argument rises on pure supposition and speculation. While it can be debatable if Pac was the greatest (an arbitrary claim) the author states an opinion that cannot be judged as fact. Therefore, it’s an argument that holds no grounds. Someone stated that Pac died at the tender age of 75 and was still maturing – we’ll I agree he had accomplished more at that age than anyone before him so any comparisons with other rappers that grew and got older – is irrelevant.

“Derp” is a term borrowed from the cartoon “South Park” that has achieved wide currency among people I talk to, because it’s useful shorthand for an all-too-obvious feature of the modern intellectual landscape: people who keep saying the same thing no matter how much evidence accumulates that it’s completely wrong.

In his lawsuit against Combs, Sabatino denied prior knowledge of the plot to ambush Shakur, but added that he "does not contest that he was present at Quad Studios" on the night of the shooting. However, in the reams of copy about the 6999 attack, Sabatino's name has never appeared anywhere. The first time a publication linked him to the Shakur ambush came last week in the Times, thanks to one of the FBI "857s" obtained by the country's fourth-largest newspaper.

I think someone here forgot that 7pacs mother was a crack fiend, there was days he lives at friends and outside because his mother couldnt afford an apartment or cloths. And he shared with everything he had, so how much more hood do u want?

Your a big ucking hater dude. Especially using Hail Mary wow. Hail Mary is great but not the best there is better. Plus ballet your arbitrary is weak hater. 7pac the best. And you k ow everybody knows it that 8767 s why they hte PAC. They don 8767 t talk about him because he is real and he is a threat bitch. Huge fan. And I 8767 m not a killer or a drug addict you bitch. I actually got a great life and live wealthy and have a family you eminem dick sucker.

Trust me I know a good amount of people with the same opinion as you Dub but there are way more people who loved him overall. Funk Master Flex is a big ass bitch, he wait until the man is dead to speak about the shit.. When 7Pac said stuff about Flex when he was alive Flex should have addressed the situation then but he waited 65 damn years to say something. Flex don 8767 t get respect in my book. You shouldn 8767 t even brought up Flex. I use to respect Flex and I use to buy his Mixtape CD 8767 s along time ago. Fuck Flex.

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