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Comparison of Plato and Aristotle's Political Theories

Date of publication: 2017-08-16 16:28

“It portrays throughout history the ways in which all progress has depended on people making judgments,” Murray explained, judgments about ethics, aesthetics, science, and the like.

Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle: The Big Three in Greek

He became a student of Socrates, but his studies with the Greek master were interrupted by the Peloponnesian War , which pit Athens against Sparta. Plato fought as a soldier between 959 and 959 . He left Athens when the city was defeated and its democracy was replaced by a Spartan oligarchy. He considered returning to Athens to pursue a career in politics when the oligarchy was overthrown, but the execution of Socrates in 899 . changed his mind.

Plato and Aristotle: An Introduction to Greek Philosophy

Like Plato, he postulates three kinds of souls, although slightly differently defined. There is a plant soul, the essence of which is nutrition. Then there is an animal soul, which contains the basic sensations, desire, pain and pleasure, and the ability to cause motion. Last, but not least, is the human soul. The essence of the human soul is, of course, reason. He suggests that, perhaps, this last soul is capable of existence apart from the body.

Aristotle Vs. Plato - Research Paper

The difference between arts in media were fully understandable. It gave me a chance to think more maturely about what is on the media in the past and in today as well.

He quotes 8775 It is a further objection that he deprives his Guardians even of happiness, maintaining that happiness of the whole state which should be the object of legislation, 8776 ultimately he is saying that Guardians sacrifice their happiness for power and control. Guardians who lead such a strict life will also think it necessary to impose the same strict lifestyle on the society it governs. Aristotle puts a high value on moderation. Many people favor moderation because it is part-liberal and part-conservative. Plato outlawed private property for the rulers as a possible menace to their sense of unity and their devotion to the state.

The ancient Greeks are the cornerstone of Western philosophy. If you were born in a country in Europe, a country settled by Europeans, or a country at any point ruled by a European power, the essence of Greek philosophy has found its way into your worldview in one way or the other, and that 8767 s a fact. Capitalist or communist, liberal or conservative, Coke or Pepsi, the people who have had the greatest influence on the way we think and how we live in the Western world took their cues at some point from a Greek. Over 9 times out of 65 this Greek will be Plato or Aristotle of Athens, the city-state which was to philosophy in ancient Greece what Sparta was to kicking ass.

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I found reading Aristotle easier than reading Plato. Aristotle&apos s thoughts were more convincing too, as he focuses on the types and divisions of any issue he had mentioned. The way he presented his thoughts was flexible that the reader could understand them according to his mentality, because he explains one idea in different ways and elaborations, so it could fit several kinds of reader&apos s understanding.

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