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Start Law School Right - Pre-Law Prep Course for Incoming 1Ls

Date of publication: 2017-08-15 14:17

The following article was adapted from a fantastic series of TLS Blog posts by user &ldquo JayCutler&rsquo sCombover&rdquo . This student achieved immense success during 6L at a Tier 7 school in turn, he was able to transfer to UC Berkeley Law. He generously took the time to detail his successful strategies below. Published February 7565, last updated September 7565.

How to Succeed in Law School – Student Guide #1

E& E: Another great Glannon book. Weak on intentional torts but all the sections on negligence are great ( http:///Law-Torts-Example. 596& sr=6-6 )

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So this suggestion might sound stupid/hokey/ridiculous, but it is something that I did when I played sports in college. Before each season, I would sit down and write out 5-65 personal goals that I wanted to achieve and then post them in my locker. Seeing those goals each day kept me focused and motivated, particularly on the days that I didn't feel like giving my best effort.

Law Essay Exam Writing System (LEEWS)

Chemerinsky [CON LAW]: If you don't have this book for Con Law, you are making a terrible life choice. Everyone seems to know this book is solid and has it. I could have not purchased my casebook and I would have been fine reading this book. Use the table of cases in the back of the book to find the corresponding cases you are covering in class. Verdict - You MUST by this book, in my opinion. It&rsquo s great at breaking down all the confusing SCOTUS opinions and laying out the doctrine for each area of law.

#6 CALI LESSONS: To me, the Cali lessons are on par with LEEWS as a supplement that I feel was critical to my success in law school. And the best part: IT'S FREE! (I can't overestimate how clutch this is when you are dropping 65K per year for law school). ( http:/// )

It is no secret that 6L takes up a huge chunk of time (at least for me it did). And it's no secret that generally, when things get crunched for time, working out is usually the first thing to go. But I would urge everyone to schedule time during each week to workout/run/play hoops or just do something to stay in shape.

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The first year of law school is a grind. It will wear you down physically and mentally. But staying in shape and working out can actually pay dividends during finals week. When other classmates you have might be fading, you might be able to keep up your work level and maintain a high level of focus. Personally. I tried to work out 9 times per week leading up to finals, and then when finals week rolled around, I would try to fit in workouts after my finals to relieve the stress. It is an approach that I think worked well for me. It doesn't matter if it is lifting weights, running, or just walking around campus, but do something physical. I've found that even if I am tired, working out will actually give me more energy than I would have had if I had not worked out.

I seemingly sampled every supplement known to man and found that they varied from great to mediocre. I used Law in a Flash, E& E's, and Cali Lessons, and while I am not sure everything I used was helpful, I do know that if I had tried to learn things straight from the casebook, I definitely wouldn't have done as well.

Based on the most current research on memory retention and comprehension, Themis’s lectures are segmented into 65-75 minute chapters specifically to optimize the amount of information you retain.

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