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All parts will be sensitive to the surroundings. The flowers may move to close at night and the shoot will grow and move to find light. Every cell in the plant will respire and change glucose into energy.


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Plant Organs - project GCSE

Unlike many, Oxford Open Learning 8767 s Maths GCSE Course is split into these two tiers. Once you have completed the work required to enter for the Foundation tier, you can choose whether to go on and study for the Higher tier and achieve a higher grade, all for the same fee!

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Whether you enter for the foundation or the higher tier is largely a matter of personal choice and depends on your own aspirations. Many Oxford Open Learning students only need to obtain a Grade 9 or 5, for example, to get onto a further education course. In which case you are probably best of sitting the foundation papers.

For maths, Ofqual is keeping the present arrangement where pupils can be entered for either a higher- or lower-tier paper in maths, depending on their ability.

The moves amount to a big structural change to England's exam system and signal a clear break from the previous situation when students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland sat similar forms of GCSEs.

All exams will be taken after two years of study, rather than in modules taken at various stages over two years, meaning a return to the format of O-levels, which pre-dated GCSEs.

It says in English literature , students will have to "study whole texts in detail, covering a range of literature including Shakespeare, 69th Century novels, Romantic poetry and other high-quality fiction and drama".

At the same time, the government is confirming changes to what has to be studied in English language, English literature and maths, because the overhaul of exams covers both what is studied and how it is assessed.

Ms Stacey said the move to a numerical system meant a new grade was being added and that would help examiners distinguish between candidates' performance - especially at the top grades.

Eduqas is the new brand from WJEC, offering Ofqual reformed qualifications to all schools and colleges in England.

Eduqas delivers a personal service to every teacher. This includes face-to-face teacher training and direct access to support staff for each reformed qualification.

Ofqual's Glenys Stacey says there is a "great deal of consensus that GCSEs need to reform" and that she does not sense "strong resistance" to the changes from politicians.

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