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Higher English Critical Essay

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The final writing of both texts will be conducted under some supervision and control. This means that although you may complete part of the work out with the school for example as homework, teachers should put in place processes for monitoring your progress to ensure that the work is your own, and that plagiarism has not taken place. In the final writing stage this need not entail formal, timed and supervised conditions, but at all stages of the preparation for and the production of the piece there should be careful monitoring to ensure that it is entirely the candidate&rsquo s work. You will be required to sign a folio flyleaf cover stating whether you have used sources, whether you have declared them properly and that the writing is your own.

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Higher english persuasive essay marking scheme

The written texts must be no longer than 6,555 words at N5 level or 6,855 words at Higher. Full marks can be achieved in a shorter piece, if appropriate to purpose. Candidates will be instructed to record their word count (excluding footnotes and any references). Markers will be instructed to stop marking when the word count exceeds the maximum by 65%. Candidates who exceed the maximum by more than 65% will therefore self-penalise.

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Your teachers are told that reasonable assistance may be provided prior to the formal assessment process taking place. The term &lsquo reasonable assistance&rsquo is used to try to balance the need for support with the need to avoid giving too much assistance. If you require more than what is deemed to be &lsquo reasonable assistance&rsquo , you may not be ready for assessment or it may be that you have been entered for the wrong level of qualification.

The next page shows a list of techniques that are likely to be used in drama, prose, poetry and film and TV. The technical terms in these lists are the jargon of English literary criticism and it is important to make sure you know what these words mean.

As part of your N5 and Higher course you will be given opportunities to write in different genres, for different purposes and for different audiences. The folio is worth 85% of your final grade: this means you have a seriously good opportunity to do well by putting time and effort into your folio.

(b) Marking should always be positive. This means that, for each candidate response, marks are accumulated for the demonstration of relevant skills, knowledge and understanding: they are not deducted from a maximum on the basis of errors or omissions.

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