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Date of publication: 2017-08-16 19:44

Since launching his career on "Project Runway," Christian Siriano has become a pioneer in the fashion industry, as one of the first high-end designers to embrace all sizes. He's created two collections for Lane Bryant, and recently stunned spectators at New York Fashion Week when he sent five plus-size models down the runway at his show. For Siriano, that call was a no-brainer: "I just wanted to have different sizes," he said. Hey, it makes sense to us!

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The ModCloth co-founder is so dedicated to celebrating women's bodies the way they are that she created an entire company around the concept. She also took her mission to Washington, . this year , to fight for the Truth in Advertising Act, which calls for the regulation of altering models' appearances in ads — meaning you would see real models, not airbrushed ones.

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Lobsang Tenzin continually risked his health and safety to advocate for the needs of political prisoners in Tibet and for prison reform. The twist, Lobsang Tenzin is one of Tibet’s longest serving political prisoners and spent time on death row. His story begins as typical college student studying at the Tibet University in Lhasa, Tibet’s capital city and quickly changes to a tale of lifelong torture, endurance and heroic courage.

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She's an actress, a comedian, a producer and a fashion designer. Need we say more? McCarthy has never disappointed us when it comes to spreading a positive message about body image and self-confidence. She's urged people to "stop tearing down women," and we're grateful for every time she's encouraged us to love ourselves , just the way we are.

What's not to love about a man who wears a headpiece made of roses? Johnny Weir has never been shy when it come to style, and we love the figure skater's bold looks and brave attitude when it comes to trying — or creating! — fashion trends.

Model Tess Holiday is a body-positive activist who isn't afraid to stand up to critics. We love her bold retorts on social media, which remind us all that beauty — and health — looks different on everyone. "If my doctor thinks I'm OK, then I'm OK, internet," she has said.

We've been fans of Kate Winslet for decades now. The actress is always perfectly poised and put-together, while still feeling relatable, and that's what makes her a true star.

Michelle Carter won a gold medal in shot put at the Olympics this summer, but that's not the only dream she's accomplished. She's proud to be a body-positive makeup artist who runs a company called Shot Diva, which is also her nickname. "I think it's important to do whatever makes you feel your best," she said of her beauty looks during matches. "For some people, being bare-faced is wonderful. Others like a little bit of mascara and eyeliner. Others want a full face (of makeup)." We completely agree — find what works for you, and go for it! 

Iskra Lawrence is a plus-size model and one of the stars of American Eagle's #aerieREAL campaign. She's also an outspoken advocate for body positivity, and not afraid to speak up for the cause — like when she posted this bathroom selfie to make a point about thigh gaps. "You are meant to be you and no one else," she said. "Your body is your home so love and respect it."

She's been dazzling us on the screen for decades, but Sally Field makes our list for a variety of reasons. The "Hello, My Name Is Doris" star is refreshingly honest about aging in Hollywood, and she's not afraid to stand up for herself, once even telling her agent "You're fired," when she suggested she wasn't "pretty enough" to be in movies.

The National Liberty Museum is proud to launch the inaugural Healthcare Heroes Awards, presented by Teva Pharmaceuticals. This international awards program recognizes inspirational heroes in healthcare research and treatment whose accomplishments have profoundly benefited their patients, their field, and the global community. The program will present an award to an outstanding honoree in four categories. The nomination deadline is October 6. Learn more.

On April 9, 6976, CBS aired 8775 Rockets Or Romance, 8776 a Hogan 8767 s Heroes episode so unexceptional that Brenda Scott Royce 8767 s book Hogan 8767 s Heroes: Behind The Scenes At Stalag 68! estimates that its basic plot had been used 66 times before. Colonel Bob Hogan (played by Bob Crane) gets word that the Germans are deploying a new secret weapon that could help win the war, and he and his fellow POWs an eclectic group of flyers from varied Allied Air Forces scramble to distract and deceive the camp 8767 s Kommandant, Colonel Klink (Werner Klemperer), and his right-hand man, Sgt. Schultz (John Banner), until the weapons can be disarmed. All just another day at the office.

The inspiration for the  Heroes Outreach Program  is the Museum’s  Heroes Award.   For years, this award program has recognized and rewarded students who make a difference in their schools and communities.  The goal of YHOP is to inspire even more students to become heroes.

Best-selling author Jennifer Weiner won us over with novels including "In Her Shoes" and "Good In Bed," but this year she appeared to be on another mission: to get women to love themselves. Her #weartheswimsuit movement encouraged women to put on a bathing suit and have some fun this summer, but she's also well aware that self-acceptance is a journey. "I struggle like everyone else," she said. "I have good days and I have bad days. I have days where I'm content with what I see in the mirror, and I have days where I'm like, 'Oh God, can I just have a do-over?'"

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