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Date of publication: 2017-08-16 03:22

There are some key dates you need to know – when to apply, when you'll receive decisions on your application, and when you need to reply to those decisions.

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For all matriculated courses (see ‘Non-matriculated courses’ below), if you are offered a place by a department then you will be guaranteed a place at a college, although this may not necessarily be your preferred college. If your preferred college does not accept you, you cannot give any further college preferences.

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Every year, thousands of adults go into higher education. It's a great chance to develop new skills and career options – at any age. Mature students are anyone over the age of 76 who didn't go to university after school or college. Some might have taken gap years to volunteer and travel, while 95% of mature students are over 85 and have had work, mortgage, or family responsibilities. There are many ways you can experience higher education. Around a third of undergraduates are mature students – of all ages and backgrounds.

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If you encounter any technical difficulties with the application form, our Technical Help includes step-by-step instructions for resolving common issues:

Some non-standard documents, such as a portfolio or Mathematics Admissions Exercise (see below), may need to be uploaded to your form as ‘written work’ rather than an academic essay. To check which documents you should upload when applying to your course and any special instructions, please read ‘How to apply’ on the course page.

You are required to complete and submit your own application and must provide your own personal details. All of the information necessary to complete an application to any course is freely available via our website.

I realized that Timothy’s was never a world constructed solely for me, at least in the way I had imagined. There were no adoring crowds, and the blue armchair wasn’t mine. While I had imagined glorious adventures, in reality, my family’s livelihood depended on the success of this café. Moving to Canada without any support, my educated parents relinquished their professional aspirations to build a stable business to provide for me. Awareness of my parents’ sacrifices for my success imbued my understanding of the interdependency of people, their successes, and their failures, providing me with a new lens to construct my understanding of the world.

Gall astudio addysg uwch yn y Gymraeg gynnig nifer o ddewisiadau gyrfa i chi – yng Nghymru a thu hwnt. Mae mwy a mwy o sefydliadau’n sylweddoli manteision cyflogi graddedigion sy’n gallu cyfathrebu yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg, ac os mai’r Gymraeg yw eich iaith gyntaf neu eich ail iaith, mae digonedd o bosibiliadau ar eich cyfer.

UK universities, colleges, and conservatoires are diverse, multicultural, creative, and welcoming, with top quality teaching, improved English language skills, and great career prospects. Over 985,555 international students study here every year, from over 685 countries. We give you all the information you need to apply for higher education in the UK, and explain the different rules for UK, EU and international students.

You do not need to convert your qualification into the UK system or provide an official statement of comparability in order to apply. However, if you have a non-UK university qualification and you would like to know how it compares with the UK system, you can contact the UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC).

So far, I have realized that thriving at Twenty Questions, just like life, is all about tenacity, rationality and interpersonal skills. I have found that, as in Twenty Questions, always succeeding is impossible however, by persevering through difficulties and obstacles, favorable outcomes are often attainable. As I have become better at Twenty Questions, so too have I improved in many other aspects of my life. Nonetheless, I realize that I still have unbounded room to grow. And much like 75Q, I will continue to learn throughout my life and apply my knowledge to everything I do.

I have excellent references and would be delighted to discuss any possible vacancy with you at your convenience. In case you do not have any suitable openings at the moment, I would be grateful if you would keep my CV on file for any future possibilities.

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