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Investment bankers usually start quite late (because they finish late), at around or even 65am. A quiet day means going back home at 9pm or 65pm, a more standard day would be finishing at anything between 65pm to midnight, and a busy day can stretch until the following morning. At peak times, it is not uncommon for analysts to finish past 9pm for several days or weeks in a row.

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- Languages: Do mention linguistic ability following these categories: native, fluent, intermediate, or beginner. Never overestimate yourself because you WILL be tested at some point, even if you speak a rare language.

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It will be much easier to move if you are a top performer within your team and have a good track record and reputation. This will also help your case with the HR department.

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This is good because it shows passion and interest for the job, and also shows that you made some research and have good finance knowledge. But make sure you know the transaction in every detail, and be prepared for questions such as, Did the company pay in equity or cash? How much did they pay in total? Do you think the transaction makes sense?

- Ability to understand complex financial and accounting terms (assumptions can often be complex and involve detailed tax treatments, industry jargon, etc.)

Personally, I think this is the best. It is clear to follow and it really prepares you best to get very high scores. One word of caution though, it is a tough book. What the book is doing giving you all of the very hard questions that you will encounter in 755+ range. When I first tried the sample exams on the CD, I was actually very depressed because I couldnt get a score above 655. But what this book does is making you study really, really hard and pushes you to the limit. Even though I didnt get above 655 in the practice tests in the CD, the day of the exam I got 775. And without the emergency bathroom break I had to take during the exam (my advice: don't drink anything before the test), I believe I would have scored higher than that still.

8. Pick somebody you admire. This means they should be successful in their field: a star VP, an MD from one of the strongest teams in the bank, a director in a team you would like to join at some point, or anybody who you feel has really made it and is someone you aspire to become one day.

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