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I 8767 d say it is bad advice to start a discussion on the basis of lies (see also Connie St Louis and Deborah Blum, who lied about Sir Tim Hunt that didn 8767 t end well for them either). It is bad advice, because there are always annoying people who will focus on the lies, while ignoring the intended topic of discussion. They will even suggest that the problem at hand can 8767 t be too serious if you have to make things up to get the discussion started.

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Now, I am not asking for anyone 8767 s sympathy and I never held out for a medal for trying to be a decent person (it 8767 s a work in progress I 8767 ll admit). And I absolutely realize that I came to inherit a great deal of privilege by being born a man. As I 8767 m sure Rebecca Solnit recognizes that in being born a white woman and, I 8767 m guessing, into the upper income bracket, places her on a higher rung than the majority of the planet. We are all doing better than someone and it 8767 s healthy to realize that and get out of people 8767 s way or pull them up accordingly.

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This reminds me of a discussion I 8767 ve had with a writer who believes that because gender is a 8775 construct 8776 that roles in screenplays should be written and cast without gender in mind and the less a character 8767 s gender is an issue in the screenplay, the better. I think this is not ideal because it erases the experience of the sexes. We can debate whether my Y chromosome, testosterone and melanin count make me fundamentally different from someone without those traits, but I strongly believe that existing in a society where those traits do matter greatly influences who we are and how we experience the world.

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67. A: "Someone" is one word, not two [(B), (C)]. "There is a person that" (D) differs semantically and grammatically, meaning someone exists who gives the school gerbils rather than someone gives the school gerbils also, "who" is preferable over "that" when referring to people. The meaning is changed by past tense "gave" (E) . an individual/someone gave the school gerbils every year but no longer does, vs. someone still gives the school gerbils every year.

I appreciate you feel this isn 8767 t the time or place. Perhaps you 8767 re right. I feel like the above process is ok though, you know? People come across things on the internet and discuss them, sometimes that leads off topic. I 8767 d also wonder, if not here, then where? One of the many websites dedicated to sensible and respectful discussion of gender which welcome male input? 😉

You typed a lot of words here without actually saying anything. I can 8767 t hold your hand like you 8767 re a child just because you 8767 re afraid to confront whatever weird cognitive dissonance you have regarding criticizing things women say. The mansplaining concept, which belongs to Ms. Solnit, is the textbook example of this. That is in fact what I was referring to and I 8767 ve already explained how a number of times, so

Harassment is not directly connected to any particular thing you said or did but to who you are. You could have said anything and received the same response from the harasser. Women and minorities who face harassment, internet or otherwise are not fielding specific responses to their words or actions, they are being bombarded with slurs and threats of violence for no other reason than being a woman/minority and daring to comment on a thing that men/non-minorities feel is 8775 theirs. 8776

You speak for the majority eh? Dick is very different if you want it to be. Especially if you want it to fit the analytical categorical distinctions you 8767 ve created.

Funny that you read Solnit as a hater when I read her as a lover of women. Also, isn 8767 t to love men to be willing to point out the flaws in patriarchy that creates losses for men too. I read Solnit as a lover of men and of women.

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