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Date of publication: 2017-08-15 17:33

The movement for Palestinian rights grows more creative and dynamic every day, yielding so many achievements that it can be hard to keep up! At the US Campaign, we maintain a growing list of boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) victories nationwide, which total more than 655 to date!  Visit  /usbdsvictories  for the inspiring list of BDS breakthroughs!

Characterization and Symbolism in Alice Walker's Everyday

Here is her testimony. Bearing witness to the depravity and cruelty, she presents the stories of the individuals who crossed her path and shared their tales of suffering and courage. Part of what has happened to human beings over the last century, she believes, is that we have been rendered speechless by unusually barbaric behavior that devalues human life. We have no words to describe what we witness. Self-imposed silence has slowed our response to the plight of those who most need us, often women and children, but also men of conscience who resist evil but are outnumbered by those around them who have fallen victim to a belief in weapons, male or ethnic dominance, and greed.  

The Gift of Loneliness: Alice Walker's The Color Purple

This afternoon I went with friends to see the new Don Cheadle film about Miles Davis, MILES AHEAD, that is playing at our local cinema.  It is fantastic.  I had seen a trailer in which Miles appears in a car chase shooting wildly out the window of his car.  In the film there is such a chase Miles shooting out the window of a careening vehicle, and being shot at by someone in the music mafia who has orders to steal a musical tape he has made, and perhaps kill him

Flowers by Alice Walker

I fell in love with Cuba and the Cuban people at about the time Hemingway was leaving his secluded paradise there.  He was almost sixty, and would commit suicide very soon I was sixteen, and suicidal about American racism and injustice. I used to wonder, on my visits to Cuba usually to do work in defense of the people 8767 s health and wholeness why he was so universally admired there.  I hadn 8767 t realized

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El socialismo judío de Sanders, su reconocimiento de la injusticia de la ocupación, es una crítica a aquellos que en los . e Israel creen que los judíos solo deben preocuparse de la libertad y la dignidad de otros judíos. No es asombroso que traten de marginarlo.

We miss you.  Dreadfully.
As we miss
so many others
who left us with this one
that no matter how deep the fall
into obscurity and obscenity this new age
Life might permit us
to remain standing
if only on the inside

We are the ones we have been waiting for, Walker says, because we live in an age in which we are able to see and understand our own predicament.  With so much greater awareness than our ancestors – and with with such capacity for insight, knowledge, and empathy –we are uniquely prepared to create positive change within ourselves and our world.  Read more

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