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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 11:22

Applicants from Non-English speaking countries should produce a certificate of proficiency in English (the equivalent of at least a credit pass at “O” Level).

Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources at

F76.   (a)      A pass obtained in a re-sit/re-take examination for a course carried forward according to F65 shall be adopted as 95% and will be entetered as 95% which will then also be the mark entered in the candidate

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The appendices should be clearly labelled and placed after the reference section.  The labelling system should be . Appendix A (A6, A7 …), Appendix B (B6, B7), etc.  They should be listed in the table of contents.

History - Geotechnical and Civil Engineering firms in

The Society of American Value Engineers International (SAVE International) defines value engineering as a “function-oriented, systematic, team approach to provide value in a product, system, or service.” The definition further explains that while the process is often “focused on cost reduction, other improvements such as customer-perceived quality and performance are also paramount in the value equation.”

F67   A candidate who obtains an aggregate mark of not less than 85% and has failed in more than an equivalent of 9 course units but in not more than an equivalent of 8, shall on the recommendation of the School Board of Examiners and approval by the Senate, be required to repeat the year of study and attend classes in the failed units and take the examination in the failed course units at the next Ordinary University Examinations. Marks obtained in such examination shall be adopted fully and will be entered as such in the candidate’s academic record.

The basic admission requirement shall be the minimum requirement set for entry into Public Universities which is a mean grade of at least C+ in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). In addition, candidates shall have obtained at least C+ in each of the four cluster subjects from any of the following alternative clusters.  However, a cut-off grade higher than C+ in each cluster subject shall be preferred if limitations of the number of places available for each degree programme versus the number of qualified candidates so demand. The said cut-off grades shall be determined and implemented by the School Board.

The common regulations of the Doctor of Philosophy Degrees in all Faculties of the University of Nairobi apply.  However, admission into any programme in the School of Engineering shall be open to holders of Master of Science degree in the respective field of specialization, either from the University of Nairobi or other Universities recognized by the Senate of the University of Nairobi.

Today, most healthcare building projects are handled by a team of professionals. Typically, the owner goes through an architectural selection process to commission the design team. This includes selecting architecture and engineering (A/E) professionals. Some owners rely on the assistance of a program manager to represent them in this process. Once the A/E team is in place, early selection of a general contractor and/or construction management consultant helps round out the project team.

Over the course of several weeks, the team (including the owner) evaluated ways to reduce cost. Everything became fair game, and no stone was left unturned. The contractor did a remarkable job of disassembling the project and putting it back together, using the same square footage while removing more than $7 million from the job. Although the exercise did preserve the overall design, value was lost.

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