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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 17:34

Thanks, this is very useful. My mother tongue is not English, but I use it in my daily life. It 8767 s funny, that I hardly ever make mistakes, like “Loose vs. Lose” ,“affect vs. effect” or “ than” vs. then”, even the “Grammar Nazis” warn about these (but of course, I make other mistakes).

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Posts like these always seem to stir up trouble!
Award for the best reply goes to Brian for 8775 M, you’re absolutely wrong, but thanks for being brave enough to let everyone know. 8776 Excellent!

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With so much riding on the FAFSA , you can’t afford to get the application wrong – literally. Yet, so many students and parents make costly mistakes each year. Fortunately, the . Department of Education encourages FAFSA filers to learn from the mistakes of others by highlighting common FAFSA mistakes. By avoiding these, you can increase your chances of getting a better financial aid deal if you qualify.

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8775 To 8776 is a preposition or an infinitive.
8775 Too 8776 is an adverb meaning 8775 excessively 8776 or 8775 also. 8776
8775 Two 8776 is a number.

To me, the less grammatical error an article has, the more charming it is. But, of course, the topic provides the ultimate charm. I was just wondering why you implied that an article with mistakes is more charming than a perfect (or at the least near perfect) one.

That pressurized can of shaving foam from the discount store might seem the way to go for someone learning how to wet shave, but it may be the worst decision you could make. Sure, it’s cheap and convenient, and some people can use them without any problems, but there are some trade-offs. The can’s propellant will tend to dry out the skin, so the manufacturers have to add artificial lubricants to try to make up for it. Then even more ingredients that have nothing to do with shaving are added, like stabilizers and preservatives. Remember, your skin is the largest organ of the body, so every additional unneeded ingredient is one more chance for some kind of allergic reaction.

I never see any mention of the most mis-used word in the english language got. 8775 We 8767 ve got to buy another one 8776 , or, 8775 he 8767 s got to leave now 8776 are both incorrect. It should be, 8775 We have to buy another one 8776 , or, 8775 he has to leave now 8776 . All of the talking heads are quilty of this error. 8775 Got 8776 has its place, but not in the above examples.

As a child, I heard a lot of facetious comments, ironically, from my mother who was a very serious person. So, needless to say, this was a phrase that was common in my home.

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