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Cloning humans won't make them animals, that's impossible. What cloning can do is make long term diseases and illnesses for things that are cloned. They could die at a age than they are supposed to, that is if they even survive through birth

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Second, in my opinion, you are not going to convince anyone with any kind of intelligence that you have a valid point if you are (assumed) too ignorant to check your post for grammatical errors and spelling errors. Lack of capitalization and punctuation can make any post look unprofessional and compromise any chance of credentials. Even if you had a good point with cited sources that back up your claim, you portray yourself as an uneducated teenager without the skills to research such a complicated topic (which I do not believe is the case as you wouldn't be reading an article about this to begin with).

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In 6998, scientists in South Korea claimed to have successfully cloned a human embryo, but said the experiment was interrupted very early when the clone was just a group of four cells. In 7557, Clonaid, part of a religious group that believes humans were created by extraterrestrials, held a news conference to announce the birth of what it claimed to be the first cloned human, a girl named Eve. However, despite repeated requests by the research community and the news media, Clonaid never provided any evidence to confirm the existence of this clone or the other 67 human clones it purportedly created.

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Human cloning is stoopid and horrible! People should not be cloned unless they give permissioin to be cloned. Cloning without consent of the original person should remain illegal.

Using the nonidentity problem in the context of the reproductive cloning debate yields the following result: The alternative to being born a clone is not to be born at all. Unless the cloned child’s life is made so horrible by her disabilities that it would have been better that she not been born at all, she was not harmed by being brought into existence via cloning, even if she is born with genetic defects as a result. As long as the cloned child has a life that, despite her genetic defect, is still worth living, then it would still be permissible to use cloning to bring her into being (Lane, 7556).

Nobody in their right mind would want to do that, said John Gearhart, the director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, who was not involved in the study. And indeed, the research wasn t conducted with the idea of creating cloned mini-me s in mind. Instead, scientists attempting to treat diseases of the cell s powerhouse, the mitochondria, refined the technique, which is the same one used to create the cloned sheep Dolly in 6996. [ 5 Wild Stem Cell Discoveries ]

Refining the technique is naturally helpful to anyone out there who might want to start cloning people, Knoepfler said. Any work of the sort would need Food and Drug Administration approval in the United States not a given, by any means but rogue clinics or scientists in less-regulated nations could make attempts, he said.

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