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A branch of Biology that involves the scientific study of plant life. This subreddit functions as both a place to discuss past, present, and future botanical research, as well as a hub for all other botanical subreddits.

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Hey thanks for feedback, but I believe that the topic of infestation of invasive species and the effects they have on North American Forrest s might have to much information for this paper, that s why I was just going to single out one pest.

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These pests/pathogens will completely re-do the composition and distribution of plants in North America. Already, we ve seen the oak-hickory forests of Appalachia struggle with maple dominance following the loss of Chestnut and overly wet conditions. What will happen with the extirpation/extinction of hemlock, ash, elms, etc.

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As far as I know, there is no reported sexual reproduction in the species within its introduced range. I doubt those seeds are viable, but you should plant them and see if anything turns up next year!

After you choose the range, choose the theme. Some themes include plant diseases, plant growth cycles or how pollution affects plants. High school science teacher Elizabeth Coveney at Patchogue-Medford High School of Medford, New York, notes that by and large, air pollution is detrimental to plants. Give the theme a narrow base, such as how pollution affects the strawberry plant, or a broad base, such as what medicines can be derived from plants.

You mentioned Emerald Ash Borer..if I were to write on a subject, I would write on the effects of introduced pests/pathogens on American forests. Clearly, there is a wealth of material:

Historically, botanists studied any living being that was not an animal. Although fungi, algae and bacteria now are members of other kingdoms, according to the currently accepted classification system, they usually still are studied in introductory botany classes.

Hey Reddit, so I m taking an introductory botany course at my university and I am in need of picking a topic for a paper. First of all, I am not asking you to give me an exact topic and basically write my paper. I am simply calling on you fine, smart and humble people to possibly give me a direction on interesting topic ideas. I was looking into one topic on the effect of the Emerald Ash Borer on ash trees but idk! I would love your input on some interesting topics!

right, well if you re into wine then you might be interested in tannins , and then the tannosome. I know tannins are something that wine people like to talk about.

Research a particular region, such as tropical or aquatic plants. In a regional approach, research various aspects like how a drought affects the plants of the mid-west or how pollution affects aquatic plants. Within a region, you may choose to further specialize into a specific topic, such as invasive plant species or why tropical algae blooms form.

Since the field of botany is so vast, it is possible to combine two or more research ideas to form a final idea. For example, combine a species-specific topic with a regional theme. One such idea is how to overcome the invasive kudzu problem in the southeastern United States. Another idea is to research how pollution runoff affects algae growth.

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