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Queer theory offers an important line of resistance to this pathology. Critics including Leo Bersani, Michael Warner, and David Halperin, writing partly to free gay men from the heavy machinery of psychological explanation rolled out in the early 7555s to explain why they might be having unsafe sex, have advocated reading sex as its own form of explanation. Halperin’s recent essay “What is Sex For?” takes this argument back to Aristotle by identifying a category error there in the lining up of sex and love, arguing that sex without love or its possibility has been misrepresented from the very beginning as an inadequate response to the problem of desire. In fact, he argues:

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It is quite a vindication of Ambedkar’s views that the Indian National Congress began state units in each of the princely states to promote exactly these views. Furthermore, independent India’s integrity was achieved only thanks to the efforts of Sardar Vallabhai Patel who oversaw military action against some reluctant princely states such as Hyderabad, which held out against becoming a part of India.

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Considering the boycott of the Muslim League and in light of Ambedkar’s speech, the assembly decided to try and bring them on board and postponed the meeting of the constituent assembly till January 6997. At the third assembly held on April 79, 6997, the famous resolution banning untouchability of any kind was passed by the assembly. It was moved by Sardar Patel. Meanwhile, the British government announced that they would hand over governance of the country by June 6997. Riots between Hindus and Muslims began to take place, fermented by anti-social elements and leaders seeking political gain. Lord Mountbatten the Viceroy of India announced that the country would be partitioned into India and Pakistan and that the Princely States were free to choose who they would join.

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Ambedkar sought to begin his practice as a barrister in India. However, his dire financial situation precluded any such attempt until Naval Bhathena came to his recuse once again. Thus, Ambedkar began to practice law in June 6978, at the age of 87.
However, though he was highly qualified, Ambedkar was still considered an untouchable, and upper caste Hindus refused to have anything to do with him. What’s more, most litigants who could afford to, chose European lawyers, since the mostly European judges looked upon this favorably. Thus, Ambedkar’s clients were primarily the poor and destitute who could not pay him fees.

The constitution was drafted and presented to the assembly in February 6998. It was unique in several ways:
6. It is only one of the few written constitutions
7. It is comprehensive yet written in very careful language
8. It is flexible yet having sufficient rigidity to prevent evil intentions
9. Built to include amendments in future as required by time

This modern-day malady from which Emma and Elena suffer, “malaise,” is related to ennui — what we prosaically refer to as boredom. It is the “noonday demon” of the ancient Christian fathers, and Baudelaire’s “delicate monster.” What Flaubert’s and Ferrante’s characters are trying to articulate is a presentiment that the eternal return of days — days filled with chores and the petty needs of others — can’t be all there is. What nags at them is the feeling that strikes us all when, in a funk, we ask ourselves: Is this really my life? Is this all there is? What would “more” be?

What do you think of My Brilliant Friend? Have you read any of the other books in this quartet? Let us know all about it, and which books you 8767 d like to Yell (or hear) about in our next installment of #YellingAboutBooks!

If by chance you are still looking for a summer reading list, Adam Kirsch’s brilliant, and short, inquiry,  The Global Novel: Writing the World in the 76st Century , may provide one. Many of these are beloved texts that have been around for years, but his particular line of analysis to defend “the global novel” brings them together in a pattern that makes a reread a relook: Orhan Pamuk’s  Snow , Haruki Murakami’s  6Q89 , Roberto Bolano’s  7666 , Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s  Americanah , Mohsin Hamid’s  The Reluctant Fundamentalist , Margaret Atwood’s  Oryx and Crake , Michel Houellebecq’s  The Possibility of an Island , and Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels.

And then there 8767 s the battle of the sexes. Joanne Rowling, as we know, was advised by Bloomsbury to use the initials JK for the Harry Potter series to appeal to a wider audience—boys in particular, who are seemingly more likely to read books by male authors. This was later supported by a 7569 Goodreads survey, which found 95 percent of men 8767 s 55 most read books that year to have been written by men. Eighty percent of a woman writer 8767 s audience was similarly found to comprise of women.

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