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I probably didn 8767 t do a good job of summarizing my argument in my original comment: Applicants need to think hard and long about their application, and they need to be able to explain their thoughts. The bottom line is this issue is less about proving disadvantage status than it is proving you think before you act, which is, after all, a critical element of good doctoring.


Every generation has its peculiar bureaucratic vernacular. In the nineteen-fifties it was the breezy patter of the Madison Avenue ad men. In the sixties it was vacuous leftist duckspeak. Today it is the stilted jargon of the diversity Mafia with which the timid writer protects himself from the one true sin of diversity, that is, to have an original idea. In fact, if you can 8767 t write a decent-sized page without mentioning 8775 diversity, 8776 8775 inclusiveness, 8776 8775 open-mindedness, 8776 or any of the other shibboleths of the ossified Pharisees who protect the academic temple from blasphemy, you 8767 re not trying hard enough to write an interesting personal statement.

Amcas disadvantaged essay

Also, it is common for applicants to begin their essay with an anecdote from their childhood. In our experience, med schools are really only interested in your life after you began college and won&rsquo t particularly be impressed with anything before that regardless of how important it was in your path to choosing this career. Instead, choose stories that show the adult you taking concrete steps in the field of medicine.

ABrief Introduction to the AMCAS Personal Statement

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If you think you are disadvantaged and have evidence or a story to support it, then check the box in your application. Just know that disadvantaged doesn 8767 t mean that life has treated you unfairly. Everyone has an unfair story to tell.

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(As those of you applying to medical school know, the personal statement on the AMCAS application is, at least by conventional wisdom, one of the most imporant parts of your application. It doesn 8767 t seem fair when you think about it, that all of your effort to get good grades and to position yourself with extracurricular activities can be undone by a few lines of prose, but that 8767 s just how it is. Here are some general rules that might help you get started.-PB)

8775 In fact, the AAMC posts offical grids showing how much easier it is to get into medical school for Non-Asian Minorities (NAMs) than for overall applicants. For example, % of 8775 self-identified 8776 NAMs get accepted to medical school with to GPAs and MCATs of 76-78, while only % of overall applicants get in with the same credentials. For applicants with to GPAs and 79-76 on the MCAT, of NAMs get in versus % of the overall applicants (and somewhat less for Whites/Asians, of course). 8776

AMCAS suggests that it may be appropriate for those from medically underserved areas or those of low socioeconomic backgrounds to apply as disadvantaged applicants. AMCAS however, fails to advise those who fall into neither category. For example, a medical school applicant may have faced long-term adversity that has nothing to do with living below the poverty line. Learning disabilities, or discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity may diminish an applicant’s educational opportunities. Being an immigrant or learning English as a second language may also be a significant obstacle to academic enrichment.

Hello, I don t know if you still visit your blog or if you ll receive this comment. In case you do, I just want to say, thank you. I m applying to medical school for the first time this year, and reading your blog just makes the experience less intimidating. The process is still stressful, but to a less extent after I ve read your posts. It s nice knowing that I shouldn t be afraid to show my personality in my application, as you had. Thanks for sharing!


When did I first discover that I, myself, desired to be a doctor? Some come to the decision late in life, often not until the age of five. The non-traditional applicants might not know until they are seven or even, as hard as it is to believe, until the end of ninth grade. I came, myself, to the realization that I, myself, wanted to be a doctor on the way through the birth canal when I realized that my large head was causing a partial third degree vaginal laceration. I quickly threw a couple of sutures into the fascia between contractions so strong was my desire to help people.

So you&rsquo re applying to medical school or for a residency. Congratulations! You&rsquo ve obviously completed a substantial amount of schooling, work, and research already, and should be commended for putting yourself in position to pursue such a respected career.

We know you’re busy, so we're here to take the guesswork out of financial aid, college applications, and how to survive college life. And best of all, it’s free!

Each medical school has its own policies for how it views disadvantaged applicants. Students that seek this status are asked to provide an additional essay on the AMCAS explaining why they consider themselves to be disadvantaged. This information may be useful in helping an admissions committee understand the broader context of an applicant’s background. If the goal of identifying disadvantaged applicants is to provide admissions committees with a more holistic picture, then extraordinary circumstances of adversity are equally as valid as financial disadvantages.

Avoid humor, by the way, unless you can pull it off which you can 8767 t. You are not funny. You say some funny things occasionally, we all do, but that doesn 8767 t make you a comedian. This doesn 8767 t mean that your style needs to be ponderous but, as we mentioned, you don 8767 t actually have a style per se. Humor is a difficult style and you have to work up to it.

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