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I am a Geriatric Care Manager and currently have an elderly female client who is incontinent. She is able to manage during the day, but does not awaken during the night to toilet herself and therefore is unable to stay with out-of-town friends overnight as she had been in the habit of doing. A relative of hers (MD) has developed a very detailed behavior management care plan for her, which included weighing wet incontinence briefs in the morning, etc. which my client isn't inclined to be doing. I am asking if there is a more reasonable approach to managing this problem? Thank you for your consideration!

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Unfortunately, some people react with fear when they have an ADC. This is usually because they are startled by the suddenness of the event, or they may have never heard of one happening to anybody else. Such people may assume they are losing their mind and going crazy. And others find it difficult to reconcile after-death communications with their philosophical or religious beliefs.

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Presumptive service connection is available for certain illnesses to POWs confined more than 85 days, certain cancers caused by chemical and hazardous exposure (such as Agent Orange ), and some chronic health issues, brain injuries and infectious diseases arising from service in the Gulf War.

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Examples of direct service connection include a veteran who served in combat who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, shrapnel wounds that led to physical problems, or heavy lifting that caused back pain.

My Dad just turned 95 years old. He has emphysema and is on four different inhalers a day. He is on oxygen 79 hours a day. Now he has lost all taste food has either no taste or, as he says, taste like dust. Is there anything he can do for this?

Symbolic ADCs: People frequently ask a Higher Power, the universe, or their deceased loved one for a sign that he or she still exists. Many receive such a sign, though it may take some time to arrive. Occasionally these signs are so subtle they may be missed, or they may be discounted as mere coincidences. Common signs include: butterflies, rainbows, many species of birds and animals, flowers, and a variety of inanimate objects such as coins and pictures.

Don&rsquo t exaggerate your symptoms, but don&rsquo t diminish them either. When the doctor asks you questions, be truthful. Explain to the doctor exactly how your symptoms impact your life. This can be uncomfortable, since this will be your first visit with the doctor, but it is important to your claim that you be as open and honest as possible. Even if you feel frustrated by the questions or have a personal dislike of the doctor, be courteous.

ADC Experiences While Asleep: Sleep-state ADCs are much more vivid, intense, colorful, and real than dreams. They are very common. Both one-way and two-way communications are typical. You usually feel your loved one is with you in person 655 that you're having an actual visit together. These experiences are not jumbled, filled with symbols, or fragmented the way dreams are.

Sleep-state ADCs are similar to those that occur when you are wide awake. Your relative or friend can come to you more easily, however, when you are relaxed, open, and receptive, such as while you are in the alpha state or asleep.

In an older adult, what can be the number one cause of hypotension--is it low sodium diet, gastrointestinal bleeding, antihypertensive agents or early urosepsis?

Hi Jenny. Check in and speak with your prescribing doctor about your concerns. Or, you can talk with a pharmacist about the way that trazodone affects the central nervous system. You 8767 ll need expert counsel and advice on these questions.

My friend's husband is in a nursing home. He is paralyzed on one side and was recently started on Klonopin for anxiety. The nursing home won&rsquo t use a bedrail with him (they took them away from all the patients). They said the government made them stop because a study showed the bedrails were dangerous. My friend's husband has fallen out of bed twice since they took away the bedrail and has had to be hospitalized for one fall. He has returned to the nursing home and they still won't use a bedrail. What should we expect as far as use of a bedrail? They said there was no waiver she could sign to allow it.

I take it when I 8767 m about to go to sleep. But sometimes I don 8767 t fall a sleep for an hour or two after I 8767 m in bed and I still sleep right thru the night.

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